Are Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling Hooking Up Again (Onscreen)?

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Are Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling the new it duo on the big screen? Sources tell Celebuzz that Gosling got along so well with the Easy A actress during Crazy, Stupid, Love. that he suggested she join him again on The Gangster Squad, which is currently in pre-production. 

“From your lips to God’s ears! But I don’t think anything is official yet,” Gangster director Ruben Fleischer told us while promoting 30 Minutes or Less at Comic-Con in San Diego. Emma also worked with Fleischer on Zombieland. Who doesn’t love this girl?

Here is what Ruben could confirm:

“We are in pre-production on Gangster Squad, which is a period 1949 Los Angeles kind of crime movie. It’s the story of Mickey Cohen who is this jewish gangster in L.A. that Sean Penn is going to be playing. Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling lead this team of cops that bring them down. Micheal Pena is in it and a bunch of other really terrific actors. So yeah, that’s what my focus will be the next year.”

Sounds like a terrific cast! And it would only get better if Emma joined, don’t you think?

We checked with Stone’s rep about the possible casting news, but have yet to hear back. While promoting The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield Emma played coy about her possible new role.

“Oh man, I don’t know,” Emma said.

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