Bar Refaeli Bares Her Bikini Body in Italy (PHOTOS)

Bikini photos of Bar Refaeli can make you go either way on a Monday morning: They'll either be a fantastic start to your week, or make you feel absolutely horrible about your weekend of excess.  Whichever way you go, Celebuzz is just here to deliver the news, so don't kill the messenger.

The astoundingly-figured Bar was in Tempio, Italy alongside new boyfriend David Fisher, sporting a mismatched black-and-purple two-piece bathing suit that surely stopped anyone who caught a glance in their tracks.

How does Bar keep her body in supermodel form? She recently told Vogue that "looking sexy comes also from the inside," and that "if you eat healthy, if you work out, if you keep in shape; also having a sense of humour about life, taking things easy - it's a big part of the way you present yourself."

Bar is enjoying the dating life since her split from on-and-off again boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, who this past weekend was spotted with new (and equally curvy) girlfriend Blake Lively in California.


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  • Leonardo

    bad photo of great nipple... we need more pictures... Bar FYI. סלחנו לך אבל פעם הבאה תראי בעמידה כדי שיעמדו לך

  • ציון ברוך
    ציון ברוך

    סופסוף תפסו את הפטמה שלה ! דווקא היתה לי תמיד הרגשה שיש לה פטמות קטנות אבל כנראה שטעיתי

  • Ofir

    My wife looks just like Bar but she's shorter. And now I see that they both have the same nipple... YEAY!!

  • Jihan Yerik Novikov
    Jihan Yerik Novikov

    lol nip slip

  • Nick

    she's got big dogs.

  • OatmealAndI

    This is worst picture I have seen of her, shows that no matter how skinny they are, girls always have double chins!

  • Jen

    No shit?

  • booo


  • booo

    her nipple is out

  • stephie

    she is too pretty