‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast on the Wedding Scene: Who Was ‘Relaxed’ & Who Thought it Was ‘Weird’

Kristen Talks Bella
Stewart on emotional 'Breaking Dawn' journey
One of the most anticipated scenes in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 is of course, the wedding scene with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. During the press conferences for Breaking Dawn, Celebuzz asked the stars what it was like emotionally on set that day when Bella Swan (Stewart) marched down the aisle to say her “I do’s” to Edward Cullen (Pattinson).

“I think fake wedding scenes are weird, sitting there watching someone walk down the aisle,” Nikki Reed said. “Filming wise, we do have the most fun whenever we are all together. That was one of the nice things about [the wedding] was that we were all together. It reminded me of the baseball scene [in Twilight], so that was fun.”

“It was so beautiful, it really looks like a dream wedding,” Elizabeth Reaser chimed in. “I don’t think I am even allowed to say anything about it! I want to tell you about how amazing it was, but I can’t.”

KStew echoed the same secretive sentiment, but expressed how important it was to keep it that way.

“I’d been ramping up to shoot that scene for four years,” Stewart told 6,000 fans during the Breaking Dawn panel. “They also put it at the end of the entire filming…When I got to set I was just as nervous and terrfiied as I expected myself to be.”

She added, “I had to go get locked away in a room for the rest of the day because I was locked into my dress and had to protect it. It was secret service-style security. I ended up being much more relaxed than I thought.”

Earlier in the day at the press conference, Stewart joked that she had to wear a “Volturi cloak” over her wedding dress because there were helicopters flying around to try and get a shot of her:

“Everyone was grumbling around the set, ‘I can’t have a cell phone.’ It was like, ‘you don’t understand how much this means to us, thank you so much. If this dress gets on the internet I’ll die!’ That really was crazy.”

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