Denise Richards Snapped Feeding Her New Baby (PHOTOS)

Looks like Denise Richards is going to quickly turn her newly-adopted baby into a jetsetter! 

The Hollywood mom was snapped feeding her baby while walking through LAX on Monday. Denise named the little girl Eloise Joni Richards. Joni after Denise’s late mother and her daughters picked the name Eloise.

Natch, the proud momma tweeted about their journey, saying: "our trip is to ny...a week of press and taking the kids with...vacation/business trip!! Eloise's 1st trip to ny!!"

She also shared that she'll be taking the girls to see the Lion King.

Over the weekend, Denise had a baby shower. The theme was "Three's a Charm." She later thanked her many friends in attendance (via Twitter), saying:  "Thank u my amazing friends for celebrating my baby daughter ... I love you all and feel so blessed to have you in our lives"

This is Denise’s third child, the first two she had with ex-husband Charlie Sheen.



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  • kwood

    OMG obviously she is at the airport to get on a plane at a certain time. Maybe the baby is hungry at the same time? Why criticize someone for everything they do? Get over yourself!

  • Starr Peoples
    Starr Peoples

    Were her "press" and "vacation/business" matters so urgent she couldn't take 10 minutes to sit down, make eye contact with her daughter (who is plainly seeking it) and feed her?

  • danielleakame

    she looks happy! good for her!

  • Maiva

    I agree with joann, she shouldn't feed her baby while WALKING. Of course she needs to feed her at the airport since she's obviously flying somewhere, but Mrs. Richards ought to sit down in a possibly quiet place until her daughter is done. I mean, I also wouldn't eat while walking, so why should my baby?

  • Noah

    What? Did you want her to breast feed instead? Idiot.

  • joann

    why would you feed your baby walking thru an airport?

  • Millie Forgue Speicher
    Millie Forgue Speicher

    OMG how can someone so beautiful naturally dare to leave there home with no make up... Like she needs that shit on her face anyway