Justin Timberlake Goes Incognito at Comic-Con as Sesame Street’s Ernie

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Did Justin Timberlake go undercover at Comic-Con?! According to Esquire writer Chris JonesTwitter, yes! Justin and Chris reportedly walked around the convention dressed as the lovable Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie, Justin as the orange-faced Ernie!

Chris tweeted on Friday:

 “If you were at Comic-Con yesterday, and you took a picture with a sketchy Bert and Ernie… I was Bert. Justin Timberlake was Ernie.”

The writer added: 

“I would pay good money to see the faces of the teenage girls who had no idea Justin Timberlake’s arm was wrapped around them.”

Following the stunt, Chris and Esquire are now trying to aquire the pics that were taken of Mr. JT as Ernie. In other Timberlake news, his romantic comedy Friends with Benefits came in at No. 3 at the box office over the weekend, grossing an impressive $34 million. 

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