Kristen Stewart vs. Lily Collins: Who's the Fairest of Them All? (POLL)

Kristen Stewart vs. Lily Collins as Snow White
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Kristen Stewart as Snow White
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We all know that Snow White is the fairest of them all, but which young actress makes the fairest Snow White?

Twilight star Kristen Stewart will be facing off against her co-star Taylor Lautner's girlfriend, Lily Collins as the two gear up to film their two different film versions of the classic dwarf-heavy fairy tale. Both films released the first in-costume pictures of their respective Snow Whites and the two fair damsels are shaping up to be very different!

KStew's Snow White in Universal Studios' Snow White and the Huntsman will be a sword-wielding tough chick, quite the departure from the classic Disney version of the fairy tale.

Meanwhile, Lily's Snow White looks more like the traditional idea of a fairy tale princess, with fair skin, doll-like features and a squeal-worthy technicolor princess dress.

"She’s very much that fairy tale princess we’ve all read about in books," Lily said of her version of Snow White. "She’s been modernized in a way that she becomes a fighter in the end."

As for the other stars cast in the two ladies' Snow White films, Charlize Theron will join KStew as her Evil Queen while the normally lovable Julia Roberts will take on the famously evil role in Lily's still-untitled version of the film. Thor star Chris Hemsworth will play Kristen's Prince while the dreamy Armie Hammer will play Lily's fairy tale dreamboat.

Which Snow White do you prefer? Vote in our Celebuzz poll and sound off in the comments!



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  • anonomys


  • Tissalie Jones
    Tissalie Jones

    The Kristen Stewart Snow White movie seems more action-y, but I buy Lily Collins more as the character Snow White. I grew up with the Disney princess version of the character and she seems the fairest...BUT as all things like this, it's just my opinion. I like the dark concept of Snow White and the Huntsman better, but...I...I can't see Stewart as much more than "Bella Swan" at the moment so I don't really see her living up to the role properly in the movie..BUT I pray I'm wrong because if she pulls it off, shaking away that whole "Twilight" image of herself, this movie would be OFF the CHAIN SWEETNESS!!! I hope both movies (Mirror Mirror as well as SWatH) will be good and enjoyable movies, but for two separate reasons. It's hard to compare the two and say one will be better than the other when each movie takes on a separate versions of the story. As long as the acting, directing and story line is good, then both movies should be worth watching.

  • Nevermore

    You wanna know what I think? I'll tell you what I think. I think 'Snow White and the Huntsman' will be great. I think Kristen is a good actress, and I like the idea of her character being fierce in this version. I just don't think Kristen should play this role. She's not the best for this role. She's not the fairest and I just can't picture her as Snow White. For me, she's still Bella Swan. If Amy Lee was an actress... There's no question about that - she would get this role in a second.

  • Leigha

    Bad idea for them to release two Snow White movies in one year. One seems more of a comedy and the other seems to be more of an action viewpoint. Idk, I'm pretty sure the one Kristin is in, is going to get more views because; 1. Twilight fans will want to support her and 2. It look far more interesting than Lily Collins' movie.

  • Heather

    Very well said. I'm glad someone else actually sees the apparent truth.

  • shayna.lane

    Movie wise I choose kristen's movie I prefer a more darker tale with strong female characters kristen plays more then just a pretty face in the movie and I like that. Although i do agree to an extent that kristen lacks in the acting department at least she's still doing it you know she's still young she can still grow into her craft at least she hasn't just given up when she gets crticized constantly.

  • Kat

    Kirsten cannot act. all she does is blink and bite her lip and speak in a monotone. I haven't seen much acting from Lilly but she must be better than that mediocre actress. get some acting classes Kirsten! and for those who don't believe me go and watch 'into the wild'

  • Nomi Rebecca
    Nomi Rebecca

    Actually Snow White is a story penned by The Brothers Grimm. Disney just took it and crapped a fairytale rainbow on it. Snow White and The Huntsman will be the one to watch. I dont particularly care for Kristen but she does look amazing in her costume, where as Lily just looks like a girl going to a halloween party.

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    I'm not really familiar with Lily Collins, so I really can't give a good comparison, but both sound like they will be fun movies to watch. I tend to prefer darker movies, so I will probably like the KStew movie better, but being a HUGE Julia Roberts fan, I'm sure the other will be good as well.

  • sam

    Well seriously Chris doesn't have a child yet but he is totally married since last year

  • Angel

    No offence but what you just said is a facebook group.

  • Jabajaws

    Either or. I like the traditional version overall, but I also like the idea of a new version.

  • ikea

    that is so the tree of gondor on kristen's shield. what a ripoff of lord of the rings.

  • sarah


  • Samantha

    Definitely Lily. She's prettier and a much better actress. I actually like Twilight and Harry Potter but seriously everyone knows it, Kristen isn't a great actress.

  • anna

    Chris Hemsworth doesn't have children,nor his yourself a little before you write stupid comments.

  • bluebird

    KRISTEN STEWART is perfect SNOW WHITE!!! who is lili collins?

  • Emmeline

    Kristen is plain and one of the worst actresses of our generation. She does not get the fan base she deserves. Lily Collins is truly beautiful and a much more talented actress. Sadly, the more talented ones take a longer time until they gain the recognition that they deserve. Twilight is the stupidest excuse of a book series to have come on earth. They love each other, have sex, and have a kid all in thousands of pages. J.K. Rowling told a much better love story in one chapter.

  • demented

    Also, note that the "oh so awesome" Kristen is wearing props ripped off from LOTR. Lame. They don't even care enough about that movie to make their own.

  • demented

    Let's see, a girl who is actually PRETTY, or a doughy-faced yogurt-plain androgyne who can't move her face out of "constipated," and who we're supposed to buy as a warrior despite her muscle-free stick figure. Easy answer. The only people who go to see Stewart's movie will be the small handful of Twitards who actually care about her instead of her showmance BF.

  • Lisa

    Kristen, of course! She's going to kick some ass :D

  • Mel

    Chris Hemsworth is not Kristen's prince. Chris is the Huntsman and Sam Claflin id the Prince

  • oniszko2

    And you dont forget Sam is engaged to be married to his girfriend of over two and a half years, and Chris is married with children...

  • laura

    AND a TV series coming out this season

  • Kisses

    Because Snow White is a Disney character...

  • Doc

    Don't forget there's a third Snow White movie coming out in 2013 or '14, b/c H'wood can't seem to generate an original thought.

  • kvaughn75

    oh and Sam Claflin is playing Kristen's prince fyi, Chris plays the Huntsman.

  • PattzStew Global-Blog
    PattzStew Global-Blog

    I'm personally looking forward to seeing Kristen's version the most but why does the media need to keep making it into a competition? Both Kristen & Lily will be amazing & do an excellent job in these films! FYI - Sam Claflin will play the prince in 'Snow White and the Huntsman' & Chris Hemsworth will play the Huntsman.

  • kvaughn75

    Kristen of course

  • Regina

    SWaTH will ground the other no-name Snow White movie into the dust. Kristen's looks fierce in her costume, while Lilly looks like a Disney character.

  • Bruceebaby

    Kristen, no question! She will be badass!!

  • sumaya robsten
    sumaya robsten

    of couse kristen is most most and most fairest in the world.and her boyfriend rob ohhhhhhh no word cannt explain robs beauty.he is only one most most beautifull .gorgious .hot.sexcy boy in the world.i wish they were marry in future.pls god be true my drem because they r made in heaven.and of couse they r made for eachother.robsten r 4ever