Which Guy Should Ashley Pick on ‘The Bachelorette’? (POLL)

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Will these guys ever settle down?
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It has been a drama filled season for The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, which got Celebuzz wondering who you think this young lady will pick as her man.

There have always been twists and turns with this series, but this season takes the cake! The last three men will head to Fiji with Ashley for a delightful vacation, which will include the infamous overnight dates. While Constantine, Ben, and J.P. are all in the fight for Ashley’s heart, more drama ensues when a surprise guest shows up in Fiji — as if there hasn’t been enough surprises already this season!

In the preview, Ashley opens the door stood in shock while she exclaims, “What are you doing here, what is going on”. Want to know who this mystery guest is?  
Viewers will just have to wait and see on this week’s Bachelorette. In the meantime, let Celebuzz know who you think Ashley should  choose at the season finale. Will it be Ben, J.P., or Constantine? Vote in our poll!

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