Brad Pitt’s Not-So-Flattering Wax Figure (PHOTOS)

Brad's 'War'
Pitt on set filming 'World War Z.'
If Brad Pitt is one of the biggest heartthrobs in Hollywood, his new wax figure in his likeness certainly doesn’t show it.

With a new wax tribute to Pitt unveiled at the Musee Grevin in Paris, Pitt’s good looks and chiseled face have gone sour. There’s wrinkles, bags under his eyes and an altogether unflattering replica of the Ocean 11 stud. Perhaps the photo was based off his days in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?

This isn’t the first head-scratcher of a wax figure to come out recently. Click the pics above, and then compare them to some other pretty poor ones below. Who do you think has the worst wax figure? Sound off in the comments!

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