Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson’s Romantic Stroll (PHOTOS)

Courtney Stodden Pics!
Check out the 16-year-old bride.
Who is Courtney Stodden?
Celebuzz investigates the teen bride.
Can’t you just see the love oozing out of newlyweds Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison?

The happily married duo with a 35 year age difference (yes, 35 — he’s 51 and she’s 16) took to the Los Angeles streets this week for a leisurely stroll and some fresh air. With Courtney’s mom Krista in tow, the lovey twosome looked casual as Courtney wore a white minidress while Doug opted for shades and a vest.

Since breaking the news of their marriage, the public has become fascinated with the couple — thanks not just in part to the age difference, but Stodden’s looks and personality which have led many to speculate that she’s had plastic surgery done and may be older than 16.

Last week, Celebuzz contacted Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dr. Paul S. Nassif,  who examined Courtney for GMA after critics blasted her for having plastic surgery. After personally looking at her, he says, “I don’t see any signs of plastic surgery.”

The couple recently gave an interview to Good Morning America in which they explained how they met (online), why people should accept their relationship and whether Courtney’s, um, assets are real. Later that week, they hit E! for another interview, in which Stodden dubbed Hutchison a “tiger’ in the bedroom. Enjoy that here.