‘Horrible Bosses’ May Get a Sequel

After cleaning up at the box office, Jennifer Aniston’s man-eating character may return in a sequel to Horrible Bosses.

Horribler Bosses? Boss Harder? We’re sure they’ll come up with something clever.

Director Seth Gordon tells USA Today that he’s considering bringing the baddies back for more. “We’re talking about it,” he says. For those who have seen the movie, there’s one burning question when it comes to a possible sequel. For those who haven’t — SPOILER ALERT!

One of the “horrible bosses,” played by Colin Farrell, gets revenge extracted upon him in the form of bullets. How would they bring his character back? 

“I feel like it would be a shame not have Bobby Pellitt [back],” Seth says. “Maybe in some sort of dream sequence.”

Colin sounds like he’d be up for a return, adding, “[Playing Bobby was] so much fun … I can’t remember having such fun designing the physical world of a character as I have with that guy, down to the car that he drove, the fact that he loved karaoke. All of it.”