Is Jessica Alba Having a Girl? (VIDEO)

Alba's Bikini Bump
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Jessica Alba stopped by Jay Leno Monday and looked stunning in a long white dress, showing off her very large baby bump. 

“Soon, very soon,” is all Jess would say when asked when she is due. Jay guessed baby number two is going to be a girl, and Alba tried her best to play coy (she knows the sex of the baby).

“I can tell by your face! Don’t ever play poker,” Leno said assuming he guessed right. Outlets reported this weekend that Jess received a bunch of pink gifts over the weekend at her wedding shower.

As for how Honor, 3, is dealing with the news she’s going to be a big sister?

“She’s excited, she said she’s going to be the mommy and I’m going to be the grandma is how she phrased it…’I’m going to be a grown up. I’m going to drink vino and drive!'” laughed Jess about what Honor has been saying. “We’re great examples as parents.”

“She loves to wear dress up,” Alba continued, saying Honor is a girly-girl. “I had to explain to [Honor] only certain types of girls are allowed to wear plastic heels out doors, so she’s allowed to only wear her princess plastic heels in doors. I can’t really tell her why yet.”

What do you think Suri Cruise would have to say about that decision?

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