Keenan Cahill Collaborates With Wilmer Valderrama For New Song! (VIDEO)

Wilmer & Demi?
Are they really dating? Find out more!
Things are getting loco in Keenan Cahill’s world.

The youtube sensation has released a new video that has some extra spice – meaning a collaboration with the one and only Wilmer Valderrama!

Wilmer comes in during the middle of the song as his character Eduardo Fresco. Muy caliente! The guys dance and play around while singing and seem to be the best of buds – Keenan even caresses Wilmer’s face. How adorable! 

The duo also have some outfit changes while performing. They put on shades during the rap part to add to their bad boy persona, then Wilmer slips off his jacket at the end of the video showing off his bare chest. No complaints here!

Check out the video to see the guys break it down singing, ‘The Way I Fiesta’.