Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Strip Down in ‘Breaking Dawn’ Honeymoon Clip (VIDEO)

Robsten at Comic-Con
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Kristen Talks Bella
Stewart on emotional 'Breaking Dawn' journey
It’s a happy day for Twi-fans! After getting a peek at the h-o-t sex scene from Breaking Dawn last week, you can now check out the honeymoon clips that were shown at Comic-Con. You see Robert Pattinson carry Kristen Stewart over the threshold, and then she asks for “a few human minutes.”

“Don’t take too long, Mrs. Cullen,” Rob responds.

Then you see Bella prep (brush teeth, shave legs) and telling herself “don’t be a coward,” before she walks out to meet a naked Edward in the Ocean. Dying yet??

So was filming in Brazil as romantic as it looked for the real-life couple? Here is what Rob had to say:

“Brazil was amazing,” Pattinson said about shooting in South America. “It was really amazing the day we got there, and really beautiful and warm and everything you’d expect. Then it suddenly, for the remainder of the shoot, was not only raining but like hurricane storms. … It was kind of like having a honeymoon in England. We were playing board games instead of, like, making love on the beach.”

That actually sounds pretty adorable to us!

Twilight- and Rob and Kristen especially- have a huge Brazil fanbase, and the stars love you right back!

“One of the interesting things about having an international fan base is every country has different reactions to you and the movie,” Rob said at the press-conference. “Shooting on the street in Brazil compared to people trying to sneak a picture or something in the states- in Brazil they literally just grab you! It was pretty fun on the set.”

“Yes! They were grabbing. Not me though,” K.Stew smiled as she looked to Rob.

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 hits theaters November 18, 2011.