Taylor Swift Gets Some Retail Therapy (PHOTOS)

After performing four concerts in New Jersey, Taylor Swift made time for some retail therapy back in New York. Instead of bringing along her girlfriends, the "Speak Now" singer went shopping with her father.

The father-daughter duo reportedly were shopping for household items at Fishs Eddy before heading to Aldo to buy shoes, handbags and accessories. Taylor looked chic and casual, wearing a yellow and white sheer top and bright green skirt, paired with yellow flats. It's obvious that the city heat hasn't kept Taylor from being stylish. The singer has been showing off her fashionable style in several bright dresses while in New York.

The Speak Now Tour will be making stops all across the states through November. Make sure to catch what will surely be one of the most successful tours this year.

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    Yaaaay Lauren, I gave you your 13th "like" :-D

  • Astrid

    Sara, why haven't you uploaded a photo of yourself...? You must be very, very beautiful to find someone as gorgous as Taylor ugly ;-) Please, upload a profile photo of yourself first, I bet you don't have 1 % of Taylor's looks :-p And what's the point on judging people by how they look anyway?

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    You go girl!!! Looove Taylor! <3

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