The 23 Avon Voices Semi-Finalists Hit Hollywood! (VIDEO)

Happy Birthday Avon!
Fergie celebrates their big day.
Avon Voices: The Finalists!
The singing competition announces its finalists.
Earlier this month, Avon announced the top 23 semi-finalists for their first ever online singing competition, and they recently had the chance to get a taste of Hollywood!

At a photo shoot, the 23 individuals (who came from 17 different countries!) were pampered and treated like A-list stars as they received voice and performance coaching from some of music’s biggest names.

Celebuzz had a chance to catch up with some of the contestants at the shoot and talked with them about everything from how they got started with the competition and whether or not there is any tension between them!

One of the contestants told us, “I remember when I got the email saying I made it to round one I thought it was a joke,” while another was told about the online singing competition by her husband.

“My husband found out about this contest while I was doing whatever I do as a mom and a teacher and stuff like that. He found out about it and told me I should do it and I thought at first I really don’t know if this is something I want to do, but he kept pushing me and he is a super awesome supporter of my singing and stuff like that. I sing everywhere anyone will listen. I started out singing in church and singing with my mom, my mom and dad are musicians, church musicians at that. Best kind of training, it kind of gets you geared up for no matter what key this is in, or what the audience is, or how many songs I have to do, it’s like if mom is playing the piano just stand up there and sing, that’s kind of how it is has been for me.”

When asked about whether or not there were tension between the semi-finalists, one contestant said:

“It doesn’t feel like a competition, it seriously feels more like a celebration.  Look we are here to voice out for a good reason and it’s just to celebrate women from all over the world and I know that might sound cheesy but it’s honest.  That’s what make me very proud to be here.”

To watch video from the event, check out Avon Voices’ Facebook page!

So once you’ve figured out who your fave is, be sure to cast your vote for the next round by clicking here!