Watch Kris Humphries Crash Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Shower (VIDEO)

Kardashian July 4 BBQ
The fam's fabulous Independence Day pics.
Two can play that game! Kim Kardashian crashed hubby-to-be Kris Humphries’ bachelor party in Vegas last weekend, and it looks like she was just returning the favor.

E! News has teaser footage of Kim K’s wedding shower where Kris showed up! Humphries helped Kim open all her gifts – even the super naughty ones.

The black and white-themed party was thrown by Kris Jenner in LA where the whole Kardashian/Jenner family, along with pal Brittny Gastineau and a surprise celebrity guest showed up.

Check out the sneak peek footage from Kim Kardashian’s bridal shower on E! News Tuesday, July 26th at 7:00pm and 11:30pm ET/PT.