Ashley Greene Hits Gym Amid Ryan Phillippe Hookup Rumors (PHOTOS)

Ashley & Gerard?
Ashley Greene and Gerard Butler
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It's tough to stay in summer shape! A red faced Ashley Greene left her work out in Los Angeles Wednesday and it looks like she worked up quite the sweat!

Life & Style reports that the Twilight star has been seeing new dad Ryan Phillippe. “They hooked up right after he’d been partying with Demi Lovato for a week,” an insider tells the mag.

Is that who Ash could be texting?


Sources close to Ryan and Greene tell Gossip Cop the hookup talk is not true. Remember, Celebuzz was told from a pal of Phillippe's that the Lovato dating rumors were false, also.



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  • Sonu

    Being around him and stinyag a virgin would certainly have been a challenge for my 16 year old libido, and I married the first guy I ever slept with (and not because I had to!), so that's saying something.

  • Indras

    Yeah!!! I think that she is doing a prtety job now. She is quite prtety and sings well. But she should little bit improve herself so that people love her.

  • Jen

    This girl is a shit actress, can we move on from her now

  • efhwoefho

    why is her going to the gym always worthy of news time

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    am i the only one who is bored of her gym style?