Britney Spears Brings Femme Fatale Tour to Cleveland (PHOTOS)

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Cleveland got a heaping dose of Britney Spears on Tuesday night, and judging by Twitter, the fans enjoyed every last morsel of Miss Spears.

Britney brought her Femme Fatale tour to the Sixth City and had her provocative wardrobe in tow, busting out her signature dance moves and tunes throughout the show. One thing is for sure: Even all these years later, Britney still looks damn good and can work it like few others once she’s on the stage.

Following the show, Britney tweeted: “Love you Cleveland and a big shout out to my 2 special #IWannaGo dancers. You guys were awesome. On my way to Detroit Rock City. -Brit.” She also took some time to respond to all of the fans swooning over their experience at the show. She responded to one: “Aw thx so much!!! -Brit RT @BrittanyFizzy thanks for the great concert, your a great performer! Cleveland loves you <3 #bestconcertever”

This week, Spears announced more South American dates for her ongoing Femme tour, and also the addition of DJ Pauly D to the tour on certain dates.