Go Behind the Scenes of Avon Voices’ Semi-Finalists Photo Shoot! (PHOTOS)

Avon Voices: The Finalists!
The singing competition announces its finalists.
Avon Voices is the cosmetic magnates first online singing competition and it’s coming along quite nicely!

The 23 semi-finalists recently flew to Hollywood and participated in a photo shoot where they got treated like A-listers. They also were able to speak with mentors and celebrity judges, such as Grammy award winning producer and song writer David Pack, about how to improve their performing skills.

Celebuzz was able to catch up with David at the shoot, and talked to him about the competition, how the finalists are doing and much more!

When we asked him how the girls were doing, he said:

“They are doing such a great job. I coached them yesterday for the round three they had today and Joe Billone got in today and told me sweetie, your girls are like an espresso, they were rocking and they were cranking and they were actually secure and I almost cried.”

When asked about how he got involved:

I didn’t know about this until last year, when Avon Latin America got to Sony and they wanted me to promote this new singing talent search and I got so caught in that I started doing the promotion and then I did some comments and Joe Billone liked them and I started to be the judge of Latin America and they liked other comments I did for people in Latin America they liked it so much so they invited me to coach these people. It has been so much fun and so interesting and so amazing for me.

We also spoke with Joe Billone, Vice President Global Communications for Avon, who told us about what is next.

“In November when we announce the two winners, that is a great grand prize, they are going to record an album and that’s fantastic. But the real prize of Avon voices has been the journey. Even if the journey started and ended with going into a room all alone and recording a video and sharing it, think of the courage that takes, to go in and share your voice with the world for anyone who wants to listen, but everywhere along the way there has been a journey for the people who became involved with Avon Voices and that’s really the prize, it’s about the journey, not the destination.”

To watch video from the photo shoot and see the contestants get coached by the celeb judges, check out Avon Voices’ Facebook page!

So once you’ve figured out who your fave is, be sure to cast your vote for the next round by clicking here!

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