Greyson Chance: People Have Unfriended Me

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YouTube sensation Greyson Chance is releasing his first album next week – and before he hits the charts Celebuzz had the opportunity to talk to the rising star. 

Discovered by Ellen DeGeneres thanks to his viral video, he was quickly signed to her label. Greyson says she’s like a “second mom” to him, supporting him every step of the way. 

While he has a major celebrity in his corner, the young singer (he’s just 13!) says that not everyone is a fan. Like his song “Unfriend You,” he has been on the receiving end of social media shunning.

Has anyone ever unfriended you?
I have been unfriended many of times. The inspiration comes from me being unfriended and I am unfriending someone myself. It is a double-sided story. This is one of my favorite records, because I just launched a website called where it shows different types of people around Hollywood if they have ever been unfriended. What is so great about this record is it is a fun break up song.
* Greyson even has a website dedicated to the unfriending trend, where people share their stories about unfriending. 
Do you have a hand in writing all your songs?
I am about to release my debut album ‘Hold On ‘Til The Night’ which comes out in six days. It is a 10 song record album and I wrote 7 out of 10. These are all brand-new songs.
Do you have an idea of what your next single may be?
I have an idea. but I can’t tell you just yet. It’s a secret.
Are you forced to keep a lot of secrets now that you have so much going on?
During all this, I like to keep secrets about some stuff. Even before I go on stage I have a special piano that I designed covered in words and songs. Even before the show I have it covered in a curtain. I don’t even want the crew to see it until the show goes on.
Do you think your friends confide in you a lot?
Yes, I’m like a human vault.
How have your friends and family reacted to your stardom?
My family is so supportive of all I do as well as my friends. I am always visiting home and they always are there when I need them.
You have an older brother and older sister who are also musicians. Did they come into the studio when you were recording?
They did not. My older bother and sister are in college and stick to themselves. 
What was it like meeting Ellen for the first time?
Meeting Ellen was amazing. She is very involved in the project. I’m always texting her or meeting up for dinner. She’s like my second mother – always there when I need her.
Does she offer you advice?
Of course. She told me to never change myself. I took that to heart.