Jeff Sutphen Dishes About Nickelodeon’s ‘BrainSurge’

What other show will you watch where practically everyone gets slimed – even the host gets green! Nickelodeon has brought back it’s ultimate game show, BrainSurge, but this time its family style! BrainSurge has families making a mess as they battle against each other through brain teasers and brain trips for awesome prizes!

The show premiered on Monday, July 18. Only its first week in, Family BrainSurge rocked the TV charts with over 2 million viewers! The show isn’t just for kids though, it seems like adults are interested in all the slimy fun. BrainSurge also ranked as the top program parents watch with their kids for the week.

Sounds like Family BrainSurge’s host, Jeff Sutphen has a really fun job! He brings together families and his audience for lots of laughs, goo, and a great time. Celebuzz chatted with Jeff about what celebs he would want to see on the show — to what green slime tastes like!

What is your favorite part about being a game show host?

You know, it’s funny because a lot of people go ‘Oh, you got to go to work,’ but I don’t consider what I do work, number one. Secondly, I have the maturity level of a ten-year-old so, this show is a really good fit for me, but at the end of the day – it might be a long day, but when I look back at it and go ‘Okay, let’s see what did I have to do today, I had to slime someone, send someone down the brain drain, and give away prizes’ –  it doesn’t get any better than that as far as work goes.

Do you have a Game Show Host idol?

Bob Barker he was awesome, especially because he had that long, slender microphone. Then you got the people like Alex Trebek, who, I mean, would there be Jeopardy without Alex Trebek? I mean it just kind of seems silly that you could have it – I don’t think you could have one or the other. Deal or No Deal, Howie Mandel, that guy has a scary talent. He’s just on his A-game everyday, and he’s fun to watch.

If you had to choose Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, which one would you pick?

Two iconic shows still running, Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune. I will tell you why this is extraordinarily tough for me – I’m a lousy speller so that puts Jeopardy in the front runner. Then again I don’t necessarily consider myself a very smart man, so that’s going to put Wheel of Fortune. Prizes versus cash, chance versus knowledge. I’m going to have to go with Wheel of Fortune because I just think I would stand a better chance there.


If you could have any two celebrities compete against each other on the show, who would it be?

I think Vince Vaughn would be a great addition to the show. Will Ferrell and Cameron Diaz would be a nice addition to the show as well, and Emma Stone – I think she’s awesome. Those would be the braniacs right there, that would be a toss-up. Those would be my dream braniacs right there.

What has been your favorite reaction to someone going down the brain drain?

I would have to say the best reaction was the show we just shot with Jennie Garth from 90210. After she came down, she went back and grabbed a bunch of foam and threw it [around], while falling because she tried climbing back up the slide. It didn’t stop her from doing what she needed to though. Then she threw it on everyone in the audience! That was probably the best reaction that we saw.

Do you know if the slime taste good or not?

I’ve been around slime for a while now, and it gets everywhere. It’s actually harvested in the center of the earth. Taste wise, it tastes good, but I wouldn’t recommend sitting down and eating a bowl of it. If you’re going to get slimed, I wouldn’t look up and open your mouth. I’ve been slimed plenty of times it gets everywhere. Just when you think you’re clean, two days later you find some in your ear.

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