Renee Zellweger Loads Up on Caffeine at Starbucks (PHOTOS)

Renee Zellweger is no diva! The superstar actress was spotted picking up a huge order of coffee and tea at a Starbucks in Santa Monica, California earlier this week. While most celebs send their minions out to go pick up their coffee orders, the 42-year-old actress looked more than happy to pick up not only her beverage of choice but caffeinated drinks for several other people.

Renee – who broke up with Bradley Cooper earlier this year – is rumored to be dating actor John Stamos. The pair were recently spotted enjoying a fun-filled day at Disneyland, although neither party will comment on the nature of their relationship.

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  • The guy Lola
    The guy Lola

    Hurry up Renee and do the third Bridget Jones movie. We're waaaaiiitting!

  • Chockcoose

    Lots of people liked to call her squinty, pouty however she has Swiss/Norwegian parents. All Swiss/Norwegian have squinty eyes pouty lips,high cheekbones. She was born in Texas though.She IS unusual, very interesting. She went to uni too.

  • Miranda

    She's carrying 8 drinks, clearly only one is for her. She must be supplying 7 others with refreshments. What a kind soul.

  • Rawhide

    Glad Renee is not with rat face Cooper, she is too good for him. She is the real deal, born on the same day as Al Pacino. She's done so many movies.Jerry Maguire,Down with love,Nurse Betty, The Whole wide World,Empire records,Dazed and confused,One true thing,New in town,White Oleander,My one and only,Appaloosa, Leatherheads,Miss Potter, Cinderella man,Cold Mountain, Me myself and Irene, so many more. She's an A-listed actress.Cooper was unheard of before he got publicity for dating her.Funny that!

  • Travis

    Snag a guy from Texas, your home ! Lots of nice guys there who would treat you good. Don't date guys in the entertainment industry, just get a regular dude love.

  • Novaculite

    Renee could do a lot better than Cooper, she needs to get introduced to regular guys.

  • Wizzardswand

    Renee is beautiful, lovable clever and has done a lot of movies.