Selena Gomez Snuggles With Teddy Bear and Pillow Post-Flight (PHOTOS)

When she can't be arm-in-arm with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez has two other stand-bys, especially when she's traveling.

The singer-actress was snapped on Tuesday night after landing in Miami clutching her always-with-her-when-traveling pillow, along with a Harley Davidson teddy bear that forces the question: Was it a gift from none other than Justin? Could the leather-sporting teddy be meant as a reminder while the two lovebirds are separated? Well, who knows, but it's romantic to think about.

Selena hit the Sunshine State to kick off her new tour in support of her new album When the Sun Goes Down. She tweeted about their arrival, saying: "On the plane headed to our first tour date!!!! I think half the plane is my crew lol. #weownthenight :D ready Florida????"

After three Florida dates, SelGo will head up the east coast and then all the way across the country, finishing things up on September 12 in Washington. That teddy and pillow are in for a loooong trip.



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  • Tianna

    I am going to be a star soon,and I want to be like SELENA,NOT MILEY!! But,I do think she is a bit too old for a teddy bear,and,I'm only eleven!!

  • boooooluv4444

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  • bribri31099

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  • livesinafairytale

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  • bribri31099

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  • breahlynn

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  • Emily Kroll
    Emily Kroll

    People just don't give a sh*t if she's tired or (obviously) attempting to avoid an onslaught of photo ops with "fans". Apparently, its fair game and common courtesy in regard toward "personal space" is clearly absent. Fame is a brutal trade off for privacy, etc. I hope she got some rest. I think she is precious and I look forward to seeing her career escalate. I'm crossing my fingers she doesn't decline into the dirt cloud that Britney or Miley have "evolved" into.

  • bribri31099

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  • SelenaFanForever

    She's incredibly sweet. This is what makes her unique, she's not embarassed of what or who she is and even though she's recently turned 19 she's still a kid inside. I love her!!! <3

  • SelPlusJB

    Shut the hell up. I'm sure as hell you're not as pretty as her. You're probably some 12 year old jealous loser. So stfu.

  • Sandra

    LOL @ Sierra. Honey, you have the grammar of a 12 yr old or worse, a BABY like you just called Selena, so don't try to insult SG with your rude thoughts. What's the problem with carrying a teddy bear? It was probably a gift from a loved one and she probably feels very comfortable with it in the plane.

  • MCsquared

    Selena Gomez is honestly one of the prettiest girls ever, and SO sweet. Not a lot of celebrities would take the time to pose with a fan when they are leaving the airport like that. She is amazing. So proud of her these past few years. Obviouslyyy :)

  • Nellie Mendoza
    Nellie Mendoza

    Sierra You Are such A Hater !

  • kkforever

    ur so sweet!!

  • kkforever

    awwww how cute Sel!!! I bet u slept good with those :) XO

  • sierra

    ewwwwwwwwwww ugly awww and a teddy bear wow you are a baby

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    rocker teddy bear? yeah, sure ://