The ‘Glee’ Cast’s Road to Success

'Glee' Does NYC
The crew hits the Big Apple for the big finale.
Wouldn’t life be much more fun if we were all able to randomly break out in song and dance à la Glee?

As one of the hottest shows on television, Glee has gained a loyal fan following in just two seasons, and it is already renewed for a third season by FOX set to begin later this fall. Celebuzz did some digging, and we have discovered one of the secrets to this hit show’s success!

We all have our favorite quirky characters that we love to watch every week, but it’s this diverse cast’s real background stories that contribute to the superstardom status that some of them have reached.

American Idol may have had said no to Amber Riley, but when she said ‘yes’ to Glee, her dream of doing what she loves came true! Lea Michele had a steady job on Broadway, Heather Morris traveled around the world as one of Beyonce’s backup dancers, and Darren Criss was virally known for the YouTube hit A Very Potter Musical, but it wasn’t until they all gave an excited ‘yes’ to Glee that they all hit the jackpot of success.

Saying ‘yes’ to Glee has opened doors for each of them to create their own brands and platforms. Lea Michele has said ‘yes’ to speaking up about animal rights, and Matthew Morrison has had the opportunity to record his first solo album!

The talented cast is a perfect example of pushing through toward their dreams and goals. They all said ‘yes’ to Glee and have created one of the most successful shows out there.