The Meet & Greet: ‘Up All Night’s Beau Dunn Talks Modeling & Disorder

Christina Applegate: Baby Sadie!
Christina shows off her newborn to People mag.
One of the most buzzed about new shows coming out in the fall is the NBC comedy Up All Night, starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett as a couple overwhelmed with the responsibilities of raising their new baby and their work lives. Beau Dunn stars alongside the hilarious Christina and Will on the show and the former model sat down with Celebuzz to talk about her  new role, her modeling career, a guest spot on the final season of Entourage and her interesting charity foundation. 

Could you tell us a little bit about Up All Night and what your role is on the show?

Up All Night is an comedy with Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph and my character works in an office with them and intimidates the older girls by being the “hot” one in the office. The show is amazing, I’ve seen the pilot already and it’s really fun. 

How does this role differ from your other acting jobs?

I’ve been on a bunch of other shows – I just shot Entourage, I’ll be on the upcoming season playing one of Vince’s ex-girlfriends and a couple of other things, but this is my first recurring role. I auditioned for this role because of the amazing cast, like I mentioned, Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. But it was also the writers, Emily Spivey is known in the comedic world for Saturday Night Live, and Lorne Michaels who is one of the biggest guys in comedy, is on board as an executive producer, so obviously it’s this amazing cast and crew for comedy, I think it is going to be one of the funniest shows out there!

So Christina, Will and Maya have all had success on TV in the past, what is it like working with them and have they helped you get used to your first recurring role?

It is absolutely amazing. It was intimidating at first, but the table read was so much fun. With Christina and Maya, we’ll just be getting our hair done and they are so sweet and nice, it is like hanging out with friends. Will is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. It’s just like going to work with friends and laughing all day, whether we are shooting or not, it’s great. Christina Applegate is one of the best [actresses] in comedy, and I just saw Maya in Bridesmaids and I always loved her on Saturday Night Live.

What are some of your favorite TV shows?

I love all of the girly shows like Gossip Girl, but that’s a hard question, I have too many! I love some reality shows, and I loved Samantha Who? when it was on, that was Christina’s show. My other favorites are True Blood and Shameless.

So what have you taken from your modeling career that you can apply to acting?

You always have to think on your toes. In acting they can re-write what you say and what you do, but you still have to be fast-paced about it. Modeling gets you ready for that, you’re always changing into a new scene or a new character, so I think that’s what I’ve taken most from it.

What do you like most about acting?

I love the interaction with the other actors and the crew. The director, James Griffin, makes it so much fun on set, it’s so lively. And we love to play off of each other, we’re always giggling between takes and talking about our lives. I love making friends and developing relationships with these people and that helps us work off of each other.

Is it nerve-wracking to film a new show like this and to wait so long to see how audiences respond to it?

No, because I’ve seen the pilot and it’s so funny. The characters are so lovable, and the writing is hysterical. I can’t see why people wouldn’t love it, I have no doubt in my mind. The response on Facebook and Twitter has been so positive. It’s a fun, upbeat show.

You do a lot of charity work, would you like to tell us about that?

I was diagnosed with a lymphatic disease called lipedima in late 2010 and I started a charity called Cure Lipedima. When I was diagnosed, it answered a lot of health questions for me. I couldn’t have jumped on board quicker to help young women worldwide. I’m active in the community, I speak at conferences, I’ve become a spokesperson for lipedima. It effects all women differently but it is basically a disorder where you are really tiny on top but you are bigger on the bottom, so I’m a size 0 on top, and I’m a 6 on the bottom. You can exercise and stop eating and it doesn’t effect your weight, so I’m being proactive and just trying to get the word out there. The website is

Who do you idolize or want to model your career after?

I’d say Christina Applegate to start which is corny, but she has a family and I think that is so important. I’ve always been close with my parents and my 14-year-old brother, and Christina has a family and a husband and she can’t wait to get off set sometimes just to hug her babies. I can see myself being a working mom in the future, so I respect her so much.

Is there anyone in the business that you would like to work with?

Will Ferrell, definitely! I love him, I think he is a master of comedy.

Do you think your future will include more acting or modeling after Up All Night?

Definitely more acting. I love modeling and I’ll always do that. I love print campaigns and the fashion world, but I think there is more longevity in acting and I find it so much more fun because of the interaction and the relationships you make with other people that last forever. In modeling it’s a one or two day shoot and its over with. It’s great to go to work and see your friends and that’s what I have with this cast.

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