Could Amy Winehouse Have Died from Withdrawal? Expert Answers, Questions Doc

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Recent reports claim Amy Winehouse was found without drugs or alcohol nearby. While the official toxicology will ultimately reveal what caused her death, many are wondering if she died not from an overdose — but from withdrawal. 

Celebuzz talked to Don Grant, the Executive Director at recovery house Harmony Place to get answers about addiction and the dangers of withdrawal. 

While uncommon, Don says it is in fact possible to die from going off alcohol.

“Alcohol detox, if not done properly, is very dangerous,” he says. You can have a seizure. Can you die from it? They say you can.”

According to him, alcohol detox should be monitored very carefully. “The best is a medically supervised detox, and put on medicine that will not let you have a seizure,” he says. This is all monitored very carefully.”

Given reports that Amy’s doctor saw her the night before she died, Don says it is highly unlikely she would have been advised to detox on her own. “If he new about this or recommended it, his situation could be in jeopardy,” he added. “No physician would say stop cold turkey,” he adds. “When people have a long history of drinking, they normally try to stop and start manifesting symptoms.”