How Jerry Ferrara Lost 55 Pounds!

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Lookin’ good, Turtle! After making headlines with his weight loss, Jerry Ferrara reveals how he shed the weight. The Entourage star said he lost 55 pounds over the past year — bit by bit. 

What’s his secret? There’s no magic potion or fad diet. In fact, he says that the weight loss was very gradual. 

“I’m just eating well,” he told Life & Style.  “I really changed everything [about] what I ate and was drinking. It’s been slow, maybe 2 or 3 pounds a month.”

He’s also doing more exercise. To get fit he’s also “working out,” he says “Nothing drastic, just gradual changes.” 

The Brooklyn-born actor reportedly got serious about dropping his weight back in 2010 when he modified his diet to include tofu and organic fruit and vegetables. The star also reportedly started exercising by taking hikes through LA’s Runyan Canyon.