Jennifer Aniston Defends Prince William's Thinning Hair


Much of the public seems to think that Prince William should get a hair transplant but there's one actress, known for her fabulous hair, who likes him just the way he is. 

Jennifer Aniston, who made "The Rachel" cut popular in the '90s, chatted about the Prince's 'do on Britain's Captial FM radio, telling the disc jokey:

 "Well, now if we see him with a hair transplant, we're going to be like, 'Oh, he had a hair transplant.'"
Good point Jenn! The Horrible Bosses actress continued to defend William's hair loss, adding: 

"I think there's nothing wrong with it, like Ed Harris," the actress added. "Gorgeous." What do you think? Should Prince William get a hair transplant? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Annya Nathaniel
    Annya Nathaniel

    we love prince williams

  • Shaka Zulu
    Shaka Zulu

    Prince William is about as attractive as a mongoloid child. He has more than just a touch of the down's - he has full blown, 200 copies of his 21st chromosome. Let's also remember - he wouldn't have thinning hair if he weren't a product of inbreeding. His genetics are beneath contempt, as is his personality, as are you all for fawning all over him. You shall all meet your demise and I shall laugh from a mountaintop.

  • Shirley G
    Shirley G

    Leave Prince William alone!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with his hair!! Kate married him, didn't she? You "Love" the "Whole Person" for who they are not for what kind of hair he or she has!! It's all in the "Heart" !!!! Thank You Shirl

  • joe

    Who the hell cares?

  • JaneA

    he has balls to take it like a man

  • Cloudy

    Perfect in every way , there's no messing with perfection !

  • Tisk Tisk
    Tisk Tisk

    I think he looks beautiful and distinguished, He's a prince for cryin out loud! maybe people should learn a thing or two including style from him... shame on the idiots who think they can make silly shallow comments about him, i think he's a great role model too, and does lots of charity work.

  • debbie

    Prince William is Perfect just the way he is .. Thanks to Lady Diana ..he has her personality ..a winning smile and the love for Humanity .. and he found an equally Perfect wife in Kate ..I hope she will not change..Changing your apeearance is phony and Prince William is niether that ..Jenn Is sooo right ..way to go Jenn ..I am still your No.1 fan

  • CLP

    What is wrong with people? Can't they just accept people for how God created them. Prince William is absolutely HANDSOME the way he is. He shines inside and out.

  • Sonic

    Prince William is dashing just the way he is. He is down to earth stock and I like him just the way he is. He is not phoney and being Royalty he needs to be that way.

  • Wish I was Kate
    Wish I was Kate

    Prince William is absolutely gorgeous just the way he is, he's a beautiful young man inside and out. He is handsome no hair transplant, he has it going on and he does not need a hair transplant, he's sexy, and sweet, with a winning personality just like his mother Diana.

  • dolores

    He is keeping it real, leave him alone!

  • Dsara

    Absolutely not!

  • Ricardo Gandara E
    Ricardo Gandara E

    He is just fiiine...!!!! like jenn said.

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    She's 100% true

  • sona

    no! god! stop focusing on the appearance!