Olivia Wilde: Jonas Brothers Put a ‘No Sex Hex’ On My House (VIDEO)

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Olivia Wilde has some super-cute house guests … sorta! The Cowboys & Aliens actress disclosed on Live with Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night that her home in Los Angeles was once lived in by the adorable Jonas Brothers, and she thinks it’s now “haunted” by their spirits!

Olivia revealed that though Nick, Joe and Kevin no longer reside in the house, they did leave “life size cardboard cutouts” of themselves in the garage. “Bonus! I didn’t even have to pay extra,” the 27-year-old House star joked. “Sometimes I wake up, and my roommate has placed one standing over me.” She added that it’s typically Joe’s cutout. 

The funny late night host added: “Is it comforting knowing there’s a cardboard virgin watching over you at all times?” The newly single actress quipped back: 

“Yes, it is comforting … we blame the Jonas Brothers for the lack of action in our house … it’s the ‘No sex hex’, Jimmy! Can’t do anything about it.'”

Since announcing her divorce, Olivia has been rumored to have romantic run-ins with a slew of men in Hollywood including: Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper. Now it seems Jimmy wants a shot! The host said of the actress’ hex, “You should invite me over!”

For more with Olivia, check her out in Cowboys & Aliens, hitting theaters July 29th.