Before She Was Famous: Penelope Cruz in Her Sultry Music Video Debut! (VIDEO)

Penelope's Post-Baby Bod
Penelope shows off her figure.
Penelope & Javier Get Close
Check out the lovebirds in action!
With her unbelievable curves, luscious lips, and mesmerizing stare, it comes as no surprise that Penelope Cruz has been a heartbreaker since she was just 15 years old!

The timeless beauty was a few years shy of being of legal age when she made her acting  debut in the steamy music video for Spanish pop group Mecano’s song “La Fuerza del Destino” (or, The force of fate). Shot in 1989, the video hilariously exudes the styles of the time – showcasing awesomely huge hair, doorknocker hoop earrings, and black lace and leather galore!

Penelope simmers in the video as the sultry love interest of  Nacho Cano, who along with his brother Jose Maria Cano and singer Ana Torrojo made up the band. Sharing many a heated embrace and gallivanting happily along a beach, the two clearly made a connection as Penelope and Nacho would go on to date for several years.

Check out Penelope and her current love, Javier Bardem, below:

The role would be the actress’ steppingstone towards a long and illustrious career. Also, is it just us or does Penny resemble another music video phenomenon, Rebecca Black? Watch the clip above, and let us know what you think about Miss Cruz before she was famous in the comments below.