Penn Badgley's Unkempt Mane: When Bad Hair Happens to Hot Dudes (PHOTOS)

bad hair day!
When Bad Hair Happens to Hot Dudes
Crazy Celebrity Hair (VIDEO)
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We love us some Penn Badgley, but what is going on with his hair?!

The dreamy Gossip Girl actor was spotted on set of in NYC on Thursday afternoon and it looks like the big apple's humidity got the best of him (or his hair, at least). While he usually slicks his hair back for his role as Dan Humphries on the hit CW show, the 24-year-old actor let his natural curls flow freely. (We do give him bonus points for the Jimmy Fallon shirt, though).

He wouldn't be the first!

Remember when Pete Wentz grew out his little fro? Yeah, we can't forget about it either!

The fact is, there have been plenty of other Hollywood fellas who haven't had the best judgement when it comes to hair upkeep, so check them out in the gallery!

Don't think we forgot about the ladies! Take a look at some lady offenders below.



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  • Natasha Hornell-Scott
    Natasha Hornell-Scott


  • Lila

    it says a lot about his attractiveness that he still looks good with that hair...

  • 'Nancy Rose Vinson
    'Nancy Rose Vinson

    My Lord that man is gorgeous!!!

  • SmallBeetle

    THIS is stylish, deal with it... Pomhawk^^

  • Annymous

    I think he looks over the top kewl.

  • courtneybaaby

    none of these guys are hot

  • courtneybaaby

    dannng hes ugly

  • secret ninja
    secret ninja

    i thought that was joey fatone...

  • Ana

    Agreed. HEwould be sexy with a clown wig

  • Ana

    HE is NOT hot, even with normal hair