Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth Share a Kiss in Italy

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth

After a romantic stay in Paris, Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth are continuing their honeymoon in Italy. Reese and Jim looked more in love than ever as photogs caught them smooching while eating.

Reese, wearing bright shorts, a white tank top, and a floppy hat could not stop smiling and laughing over her meal she shared with her new husband. The two then strolled hand in hand through the streets of Italy.

Jim and Reese tied the knot four months ago in Ojai, California.

Tabloids have been speculating that Reese may be pregnant, however it doesn't look like she has a baby on board to us in the shots of Witherspoon and Toth roaming around Italy.



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  • danny

    Does Reese Witherspoon get beat up by her Husband, Jim??? > >When I wrote this I had no idea of the cast that is now being spotted on her finger. Before it was just on her leg, and two months after that, about two and a half months ago she was with a black eye and a big gash on her forehead, last December she had her kids walking around with a cast on their legs. It is eluded that she is being beaten up by her new husband, an arab from Pennsylvania who has much respect around a talent agency in Los Angeles known as the Creative Artists Agency, also known as CAA. >Jim and her hooked up at a CAA function where Reese supposedly attended, although she has no formal agent at the agency who supposedly agants her, and at least a hundred other artists who have agents. They gain their rep from repping these artists, but they don’t do anything; They have been accused of stealing the reputation in LA of many a movie star and music artist. >Jim and her seem to get along, but they don’t stop flirting with disaster. She seems to be sanctifying her relationship with a movie agent at a formal agency, and a lot of people think it is a consented sexual harrassment, a sort of professional fraternization that takes place behind the scenes. And her and her lovers, others tend to think out loud, seem to practice a paulsie, a sort of retardation about themselves, where they are constantly being made fun of and make fun of other people, constantly. They are also either accident prone, or beating the living shit out of each other. >So now, Reese has a cast on her finger and not just her leg. He seems unconcerned about her and many think he is cheating on her. There is even a picture criticized by two female viewers of a People internet page, that shows Jim, not for the first time, gawking at another woman as he walks behind Reese, who is walking next to her son, who is in a cast, and no one knows why he is in a cast at all. No one knows why she was in a cast back in May and June, and why she had it on through July. No one knows why she Is in a cast now. Jim does not stop oogling over other women besides Reese, who is cute; but extremely accident prone since marrying Jim Toth, who spent time in Brooklyn Ny as a teenager, stalking people who Reese used to meet back in the 90’s, and he pretended to be a graffiti artist, wearing always new Guess clothing. >They kissed openly in front of a crowd in December of last year at her Walk of Life Movie Star in auguration…. Only seconds before they were almost pummled by a crowd stampeding her for autographs screaming her name and reaching over barriers to grab and touch her; When she refused she was cursed at loudly over and over again by fans and onlookers….. >But neither here nor there, but Does Reese Witherspoon suffer an occasional beating from her new lover Jim Toth? But was it a fan that beat her, after trying desperately to rape and bethrottle her? Or was it a member of the paparazzi? Was it a girlfriend or a female admirer? Many believe it was Jim. >No one knows but Reese, but that does not stop there from being warning signs and signals occuring all over the media...but that doesn't mean any of the tabloid media giants actually would communicate it, in fact, they might not even like Reese, they might just like seeing her beat up.... either that they allow her to lie to herself and the public about how she feels about Jim, only to get beat up in front of freinds and people that love her.... either that or they watch her make mistake after mistake about her life, including going with at least two people at a time topless in all her movies; why do i say this, because she is s a single mother who gets hit by a car, is accident prone and they watch her play with men and sex and act like a bubble head, because its what she pays them to do.. .. she bribes the tabloid network very well... and she talks sexual all the time only to get hit by cars and get beat up all the time.... > >Doesn’t she have a bodyguard, or will Jim not allow them to exist around his precious wife, who to many is a sex fiend. And he does just seem like the Jealous type. > >Black Eyes, Bruises, crutches, cuts on her face... all any one does is stare and maybe help her broken body up off of the ground, otherwise people stare and take candid photos of her everywhere she goes in Los Angeles and elsewhere, quite the spectacle pulling herself off of the ground as "paparazzi" photographers run at top speed frantically around her on sidewalks so they may put their pictures of her that don't even look like her, up on the internet, with 5 viewers, 11 views and so on and so on.... how much suffering does this woman have, with two kids and the most boring movies ever paid for? > > >Black Eyes, Bruises, Crutches and cuts on her face. Her son wore crutches in December on an outing to church with her husband. In July after the Worldwide Premiere of Water for elephants, where she was spotted embracing her costars in 11 countries she sported a cast all over Los Angeles on outings with her husband, who didn't even open the door for her after church or help her into the car, the SUV she had to climb into. > >Is it me or does he look distracted on half of those outings around town to the cheap eats places in Brentwood, either bored or otherwise.... Or is it, as it has been documented by viewers on People web sites, that he is distracted by other women and is obviously overly jealous, overly zealous and is cheating on her... Is it me or is he just having serious conversations with her in depth for the camera; I mean he's obviously fame hungry, desperate for attention from the media > >(Because he's a tycoon movie agent, with the hookup over at CAA, but he's got her defending him and this relationship is obviously fixed, arranged and for a political standing. I mean the guy can't book a movie, and wants really badly, to be in the media, all over television, with everyone knowing his name, his hair dye, and the fact that he works all over CAA on everyone's tongue.......) > >He beats her? you can't tell, because besides both her and her son being diagnosed with a cast six months apart from each other, for unexplained reasons, no one can fathom, and unreleased by the tabloid, She supposedly got hit by a car in September, at first while jogging, in the morning in a private neighborhood in Santa Monica, then it was said that she was walking to a friends house for her friend's birthday, with no presents in hand, wearing jogging clothes.. Why is the six year old walking around in a cast, and they obviously don't have good conversations..... then why is she battered, looking like she got punched in the eye? > >She is the new spokesman for AVON , a woman's make up and beauty product supply company, now for the last two and a half years, with no yearly nor annual exchange or reappointing. She has this prestigious position in life with the sole responsibility, for free, besides making movies and producing telelvision, living on a farmand being a fulltime Mother. > >She is the spokeswoman for AVON with the sole responsibility to speak all the time in front of hundreds of people over and over again every year about what? Domestic Violence. How can she cover the topic of Domestic Violence against Women without ever experiencing it? She can't. How can she see eye to eye with all these women she has to coach and retrain to live their lives and help without really seeing them on the equal level in equal pastures? Why isn't here any other chairman of the board? How can she speak on empowering women, over and over again without getting on her knees and begging her lover for forgiveness while he pummles her face to the same ground she picks her teeth off of, (and wipes the blood off of that he splattered to her feet?) She could, but she probably didn't. Or maybe she doesn't bleed, she just bruises on her face once in a while. Where was her husband the morning of the accident, hanging out with the paparazzi? > >Her husband, an agent at the Century City , outside Beverly hills Talent agency, Creative Artists, talks openly with other women while she stands at the podium, at the microphone, while talking and speaking to whole crowds of people. > > >In fact he talks more to theses strange brunettes than he probably ever did to his wife, who put him on international television every night, yet no one knows his name, because he is unimportant, and desires more than any thing else to be in the movies and probably still worships his tarot cards every night, because I believe he believes in psychic Phenomenon, besides from being a cheater and a Jesus Freak. > >He talks to women intimately while physically standing behind his wife's back as she stands on the podium in front of a whole crowd of people and looks as if he is getting her number or picking her up in a single's bar. He is a womanizer of the slickest sorts and she gets paid to make love and get naked in and behind the scenes of movies. >Either way, she might be getting beat up, ass kicked and broken up for saying stupid stuff, funny stuff and for being weird. But I guess we have to wait for the reason accident prone Reese keeps coming out of Bruises and black eyes, and we wanted to know if Reese Witherspoon gets beat up by her new Husband? Know one knows but Jim, Reese and the Kids. >Either way she is accident prone and needs real people to look after her, people with kind hearts who care a lot about her. People who would get killed for her. >I am not saying that he guaranteed beats her, but it is apparent that It looks that way. I am also under the impression that He only regulates her cheating so he can achieve what he wants, which includes other women, power over her, and power over other people in some dominating self centered mannerism. This person is extremely self centered. I think he gets too much credit to be her boyfriend and husband. In fact, I also think they deserve to break up.

  • Tuffy Luvvy
    Tuffy Luvvy

    Why is her chin so large? It's freaky!

  • sarah00

    and her kid's ????? new dady ohh !!!!

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    She's adorable

  • justthetruth

    In Love? Not even close! Looks like a staged photo opp. They dont look comfortable with each other!