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Steve Carell may be shedding some tears in his latest photo for GQ, but the former boss at The Office is all smiles when he opens up about his latest big-screen character. Even though he’s left Michael Scott behind, the funnyman has quite a few big-screen projects already lined up.

In his latest comedy, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Carell stars alongside Indie hottie Ryan Gosling and current ‘it’ girl Emma Stone as Cal Weaver, a good guy trying so hard to be bad after his wife announces she wants a divorce. We’ve long awaited for him to take on more movie roles, so what does the 40-Year-Old-Virgin star say about the future of his movie career?

Carell tells GQ:

“Someday I’d like to play a character that is maybe not so redeemable, maybe somebody who’s just sort of a bad guy, without necessarily playing an ax murderer.”

Meanwhile, we’ll see Ryan Gosling help him try to seduce Marisa Tomei onscreen. “I didn’t want him to be just the sad-sack, wife-has-cheated-on-him, needs-to-find-his-mojo guy,” Carell says. “I love the gray areas.”

Carell will also soon star opposite Keira Knightley in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

Ryan, Emma, Keira. Is there anyone that doesn’t want to work with him? We can’t think of anyone either!

Will you be hitting the movie theaters this weekend to see Crazy, Stupid, Love? Sound off in the comments!

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