10 Things You May Not Know About Emma Stone (PHOTOS)

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There’s no denying it, Emma Stone has everyone tangled in her web and we don’t seem to mind one bit! The star of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man first made it on our radar in 2005 when she starred as Laurie Partridge in VH1’s short-lived series, The New Partridge Family.

Emma didn’t let that stop her. After making guest spots on several TV shows and starring in some off-the-wall comedies like Superbad, The House Bunny and Zomebieland, the twenty-two year old Scottsdale, AZ native has had made her mark on Hollywood. In addition to getting a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Easy A, she’s in three movies this summer! She was just in the romantic comedy Friends With Benefits (which placed No. 3 in its opening weekend!) and stars in The Help as a young writer who delves into her hometown’s unfair customs out later this summer. But this weekend her latest rom-com, Crazy, Stupid, Love. comes out! Emma plays Ryan Gosling’s love interest in the film and they reportedly got along so well that he suggested for her to join him on his latest flick The Gangster Squad

Besides getting along famously with “Mr. Photoshopped Abs”, there are some other little tidbits that aren’t that well known about the Hollywood’s latest “It Girl”. For instance, everyone knows that Emma isn’t a natural red head, but do you know which big shot Hollywood director/producer encouraged her to change her hair color? Or which role was Emma super close to getting before another young Hollywood star auditioned? Find out these facts and more by clicking through the gallery!

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