Adam Lambert: Exposed on VH1’s ‘Behind the Music’ (Video)

It may look like a friendly competition, but while their lives are being portrayed to the public, some aspiring American Idol contestants are in a battle with their identity behind the scenes. 

In VH1’s Behind the MusicAdam Lambert is ready to expose what went on while he was rising to stardom. The singer admits the hardships that came with his sexuality and how he dealt with the scrutiny. At the time of his season, Entertainment Weekly featured him on the cover of their magazine and entitled his story “Adam Lambert: The Most Exciting ‘American Idol’ in years,” adding a jab in on the side of the cover that read “And Not Just Because He Might Be Gay.”

Behind the Music lets Adam’s voice be heard – and not just his singing voice. We’ve got a first look at the special right here!

“He was the guyliner guy and I was the guy next door … the show knew exactly what they were doing, obviously”, Kris Allen says in reference to their American Idol season.

While Adam was a fan favorite (and clearly very talented), he wasn’t crowned the winner in the end. While many believe that he’s the rightful owner of the title, there are speculations to what caused the outcome. Fortunately, Adam’s talent and drive for success prevailed. He’s done even better than previous runner-ups, as well as Idol winners.

Tune in to Adam Lambert’s Behind the Music on VH1 Sunday August 7 to get the full story to the talented singer’s rise to fame.