Box Office Battle: ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ vs. ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ (POLL)

With so many movies hitting theaters this Friday, it looks like there will be something for everyone at the box office!

If you’re searching for a good laugh, look no further than rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love! Funnyman Steve Carell plays Cal, a clueless husband who’s thrown under the bus when his wife asks for a divorce. Rounded out by a star-studded cast that includes Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, and Marisa Tomei, Carell attempts to hit up the chaotic singleton scene. Oh, did we also mention a shirtless Ryan Gosling will be acting as his mentor?!

Speaking of hunks, Cowboys & Aliens certainly does not shy away from handsome men!

Daniel Craig teams up with Harrison Ford to kick some extraterrestrial butt in the action flick. Set in 1873, the unlikely duo finds themselves fighting for the Earth’s survival in the dusty plains of Arizona. A movie with both Mr. James Bond AND Indiana Jones? We’re in!

Feeling nostalgic? The Smurfs is also opening this Friday! Starring Neil Patrick Harris, the comedy will have you (and your little ones) giggling up a storm. 

Check out the trailer below!

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