Dominic Cooper on Whether He’s Back Together With Amanda Seyfried

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Dominic Cooper- currently in Captain America and starring in The Devil’s Double- just gave a rather animated interview to New York Magazine. We’re a bit more interested in what he had to say about his on-off girlfriend Amanda Seyfried (the two met on set of Mamma Mia) rather than him needing “a nice red poo” so let’s get to that!

“Yeah, I don’t talk about current status anymore,” the good looking actor says. “Because what’s the point? What, so people can write about it, and you can find out more on the Internet about my life that I don’t want people to know about, and make assumptions about it all?”

However, Dominic does eventually tell the reporter what the deal is though:

“She’s a good friend. Are we back together? No.”

Cooper’s star is about to rise even mroe, so maybe it’s good that he’s career focused right now! Dominic has met with Tony Gilroy to talk about starring in the fourth film of the Bourne series.

Check out the rest of Dominic’s candid interview right here.