‘Hobbit’ Spoiler?! Elijah Wood Reads Script as Frodo (VIDEO)

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We’ve seen a few pics and heard director Peter Jackson talk via Facebook about The Hobbit, but Elijah Wood reprised his role as Frodo to the public early when he interviewed in a closet for the new hilarious webisode 7 Minutes in Heaven. 

“Is Frodo here today?” the host and Saturday Night Live writer Mike O’Brien inquires. Mike explains jokingly that he got the screenplay for The Hobbit (the prequel to Lord of the Rings) in advance and would love for Elijah to read as his beloved character Frodo. Elijah agrees! Check out the video to see the Wilfred star reading the silly script! “I found this ring that makes you invisible! Cripes, what a day,” he recites. 

Elijah continues: 

“Everyone shut the [explicative] up. There’s hobbits in that tree. On the count of three, lets blast them to hobbit hell!”

Okay, this clearly isn’t the real Hobbit script but we love to hear Elijah read for Frodo regardless. Are you excited for The Hobbit? Let us know in the comments below!