Kristen Wiig Plays ‘7 Minutes In Heaven’ (VIDEO)

Seven minutes in heaven with Kristen Wiig? Sounds like a dream come true for some people, but here we are referring to her recent appearance on the weekly interview and improv webisode filmed in host Mike O’Brien’s closet, not the make-out party game!

The Bridesmaids funny lady was trapped in the closet with Mike (who is also a Saturday Night Live writer) and performed in a few skits, including one where he pretends to have sold her favorite dress for drug money, and another where Kristen acts as if she doesn’t want to be recognized by a fan. Her days at Saturday Night Live prepared the comedienne for this performance, because the results are hilarious!

Following the interview and “closet theater” performances, Mike goes in for the kiss, seeing as his show is called “7 Minutes in Heaven.” Do the two lock lips? Watch the video to find out!

It has been quite a summer for Wiig, with Bridesmaids raking in $164 million+ at the box office, and news breaking that she will star in the upcoming Imogene, an indie comedy about a New York playwright who fakes a suicide to win back her ex with some crazy consequences!

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