Soulja Boy Buys Himself $55 Million Birthday Gift

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Soulja Boy Buys Himself $55 Million Birthday Gift
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Looks like Soulja Boy can host the ultimate birthday party -- mile high in his own private jet. 

According to TMZ, the "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" and "Turn My Swag On" hit maker bought himself an extravagant birthday gift in the form of a Gulfstream G5 jet. He reportedly dropped $35 million on the jet itself, and an additional $20 million on upgrades. 

The 21-year-old (as of July 28) added some pretty sweet stuff to his sky ride.

The custom additions reportedly include four bars, Italian leather seats, Brazilian hardwood cabinets, several flat screen TVs, tiled flooring and newly-redecorated bathrooms.

Soulja has been criticized as a commercial act by some rappers, but he contends his style is all about upbeat party songs rather than negative or violent themes found in most hip-hop. With his recent purchase, it looks like he plans to keep that theme going! 

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  • Guest

    Wanna make bets how soon the repo guy will knock on his door?

  • ice

    What an idiot! He is not a "main" act, so where did he get that kind of loot? Stupid dude just attracted the IRS.

  • danielleakame

    where the hell did he get that money? lol its gonna be repossessed/towed when he is living out of it.

  • A_Fool_and_his_Money

    Soulja Boy seems like a really intelligent guy. He can fly his pimped-out jet to bankruptcy court one of these days.

  • Noah

    No way he has that type of money from 2 mediocre hits. His net worth can't be more than $10M...

  • CorporateJetOwner

    Hmmm...looks like someone can afford to pay more taxes. Ya think?