The ‘Victorious’ Cast Gets ‘Locked Up’!

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Fans of Victorious better get ready! On July 30, Nickelodeon premieres Locked Up – the second Victorious film. Celebuzz had the chance to sit down with the cast to discuss this exciting new chapter in the show’s history.

In the two-part episode, Tori plans an exotic vacation which turns out to be a much different than expected. The hilarious cast travels to the mythical locale of Eurba with the hopes of reaching paradise. The crew soon realizes their dream vacation is quite the opposite.

So what do the cast members think of each other?

Daniella Monet (“Trina Vega”) told us, “Working with the cast is awesome! There is always a lot of energy and artistic musicians all over the place. It is really hard to imagine this is my job. I am very lucky.”

As the adventure unravels they begin to see a whole new side of Eurba. The gang must perform at a talent show before the country’s president in order to get them out of their sticky situation. The cast runs into several problems along the way, leaving them to figure out how to get out of their Eurbion disaster. When asked what we can expect from her character Cat Valentine and the movie, Ariana Grande told us, “Filming that episode was really funny. I am the same old Cat which is always fun. We do two group numbers. Literally half of our inside jokes from the cast is from filming this episode.”

Make sure and check out Locked Up on Nickelodeon July 30! Also, Locked Up! features two musical performances: “All I Want is Everything” by the Victorious cast featuring Victoria Justice and produced by Grammy Award winner and Columbia artist Raphael Saadiq; and a special choreographed performance and cover of the Jackson 5 classic, “I Want You Back.” Both tracks appear on the first-ever soundtrack album, Victorious: Music from the Hit TV Show, in-stores Tuesday, August 2. Be sure to pick it up!

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