Let the Games Begin! Sexy Sports Stars (PHOTOS)

With all the pre-season trades and free agent signing madness this year — due to a lockout between the managers and players — everybody is talking about their favorite sports figures.

Celebuzz is no different, but we get to the really important stuff, namely, who’s the hottest? 

Leading off the pack are some of our favorite footballers like Reggie Bush and Chad Ochocinco. But no matter the game, soccer studs such as David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, bballers like as Dwyane Wade, or tennis pros like Andy Roddick, these guys get serious about playing around.

They’re equally serious with their sports training, which gives them seriously hot bodies! Seriously.

Peep our Sexy Sports Stars gallery, then tell Celebuzz: Who wins the coin toss to your heart? Share your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook too!

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