Ryan Reynolds on Friendship with Jason Bateman: He Gives Me a Spanking or Two!

Hot Ryans!
Which one reigns supreme?
Is there anyway we can get in on this kind of behavior? Unfortunately Ryan Reynolds was only  joking around with fellow cast mate Jason Bateman while the two were promoting their new movie The Change-Up, but I am sure women everywhere wouldn’t mind seeing this kind of playful conduct from two of Hollywood’s hotties!

The Change-Up is a R-rated comedy that takes the traditional body switching story line to a whole new level. Think Freaky Friday, then add lornos (light pornos), twin babies and drunken idiots and you get The Change-Up – are you intrigued yet? If we haven’t painted a good enough picture of how outrageous this movie is, maybe Jason can:

Says Bateman:

You’re not going to R rated comedies to get a study in acting. I think you want to go in there, have a good time, laugh your ass off, maybe get a offended a couple of times then get the hell out. We aren’t trying to win Oscars here or teach anybody any lessons” 

Funny or not, the impressive part of the movie is how the writers and the director (David Dobkin) were able to make this body-switching experience different from previous switching movies. Once the guys switch places, audiences see the same bodies, but know the switch took place because of the personality changes.

Every actor loves a challenge like that where you get to play two different people in the same film. For me, I think the only way to do it was that way. Plus it allows you to inhabit the bodies that these guys are in, to really experience their world. There is something fantastic about that setup and that payoff and vice versa. If you are seeing it through the perspective of other people I don’t think it would be as rewarding,” says Reynolds.  

Speaking of that mentally, unhinged lunatic – after the switch, Mitch (Reynolds) is in Dave’s (Bateman) body and is forced to take care of Dave’s children. The babies are drenched with milk, carried around hanging from their clothes, and even left on the counter during a particular scene that left the audience clinching with every move the kids made, hoping they wouldn’t fall.

Jason explains looks could be deceiving:

In the kitchen scene, when the babies are on the counter and you think oh my god he is walking away from the kids, they could crawl right off – the studio paid a lot of money for a group of men that were dressed completely in green to be there on the set (that you can’t see because we painted them out because they are wearing green suits) just to catch the kids incase they fell off the counter.” 

Movie magic at it’s finest! The guys didn’t share many other behind the scene secrets with us, but Ryan did mention the possibilities of another movie coming from this experience:

I used to pride myself on the fact that I could not break in a scene. You could do and say anything, but Jason turned it into an actual disability for me. There is an entire movie that could be cut of just me tearing up and trying to hold it together and then standing in a perfect right angle for the rest of the scene because I can’t catch my breath.” 

So we aren’t really expecting two blockbuster movies to come from this set, but we can assure you The Change Up is one movie you will not want to miss. The guys, along with Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde, hit the big screen on Friday, August 5th!