Battle of the Hot Kristens & Kristins! (PHOTOS)

It seems as though Hot Hollywood actresses these days bear the name Kristen. Or, if they like to spice up the spelling, Kristin.

In our latest Hot Name Battle, we’ve rounded up the hottest ladies that proudly represent a name that everyone’s been mentioning this year. Whether it’s because of a popular franchise movie or one of the funniest comedies of the year, we’ve gathered the hottest Kristens and Kristins for some friendly competition.

So, who’s up for the challenge?

Our first contender is Kristen Stewart. The 21-year-old Twilight star is a household name for playing Bella Swan in the popular movie series, but she is also making a name for herself by picking up indie movie roles that have impressed her fans. Kristen is currently filming Snow White and the Hunstman while she awaits the big-screen releases of the final two installments of the Twilight series. Judging by the recently released photo of her as Snow White, we have little doubt the warrior princess will have no trouble holding her own at the box office.

Next up is the lovely Kristen Bell. The former Veronica Mars star has appeared in several movies including When in Rome and Scream 4, but she has one of the most recognizable voices on TV — that of Gossip Girls’ gossip queen and narrator. This blonde beauty is no stranger to the latest trends, which makes her a strong contender in this hot battle.

Kristin Cavallari has showed off her acting chops in primetime shows likeVeronica Mars (alongside Kristen Bell) and CSI:NY, but this reality TV star has certainly had an eventful year for her recent headlines announcing the end of her engagement to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay CutlerWatch out, fellas! Kristin is back on the market and the newly single gal may break some hearts.

These Kriste/ins have been in the spotlight for a while and we’ve all gotten familiar with their faces, but the latest hot Kristen to emerge is funnywoman Kristen Wiig. She first became popular as a member of the Saturday Night Live cast. The release of arguably the best comedy of the year, Bridesmaids (a movie that she helped pen!), put her name up there with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as one of the most successful female comedians in the game. Is there anything about this gal that you don’t love? We can’t think of anything either.

Last but not least, Kristin Davis rounds out our list of hot Kristens and Kristins. The Sex and the City star won us over in her signature role of Charlotte, but she has also appeared on television shows such as Melrose Place, Seinfeld and ER. Kristin pulls off being both a television and movie actress. Plus with her looks, how can we resist putting her on our list?

Which Kristen or Kristin do you think is the hottest? Take a look through the gallery and cast your vote in the poll!