Britney Spears Gives Lap Dance to Lucky Audience Member (PHOTOS)

Britney Spears' Bikini Bod
See Brit rock a bikini in Hawaii!
Britney Spears Femme Fatale tour apparently includes seducing strangers! As she’s done a few times on tour, Britney called up a male audience member onstage to get a lap dance from the “Lucky” singer. 

All in good fun, B-Spears handcuffed the man to a pole and wrapped him in a pink boa. She then proceeded to give him a lap dance he’ll never forget! The dance included Britney wrapping her legs around the audience member’s head! This pop star doesn’t do anything half way!

The singer tweeted following the show, writing: 

“Yes!!! Had so much fun… -Brit RT @berlinas @britneyspears you KILLED it in DC! Felt your energy from front row. Come back soon!!!!?”

Click the pics below for more B-Spears tour pics! 

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