Lady Gaga Is Feeling Blue in New York City (PHOTOS)

Gaga Rocks 'Kimmel'
The Lady belts out hits on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'
Sometimes, being blue isn’t a bad thing. When you’re Lady Gaga, it just means it’s Sunday.

New York City was the latest city in Gaga’s sights, as she took to the streets and gave passerbys a glimpse of her superstardom — and her powder blue ‘do. One lucky fan was able to grab Mama Monster as she got into her car for a few seconds to snap a photo, which Gaga was happy to oblige.

Last week, Gaga did a whirlwind tour of Los Angeles, appearing on So You Think You Can Dance as a guest judge (which resulted in some waterworks), and a day later she belted out a massive performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Check it out below:

What’s up this week for Gaga in the Big Apple? On Monday, she’ll be guest hosting The View.

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