Rihanna Gets Racy in Red for Kadooment Day in Barbados (PHOTOS)

It looks like Rihanna is getting ready to perform a show on the Las Vegas strip!

The 23-year-old singer returned to her home in Barbados to celebrate Kadooment Day, and channeled her inner showgirl for the wild event, showing off as much skin as possible.

So, what's Kadooment Day all about?

Kadooment Day is the culmination of a nearly month long festival that includes musical competitions and other traditional Barbados activities. They also crown a king and queen of the crop to the individuals who grow the most sugar cane during the month.

RiRi tweeted about returning home, and said:

"My home, my country, my people....BARBADOS!!! #1LOVE #SWEETfahDAYS NOTHIN' BETTER! #RihannaNavy Miss u guys tho"
This seems like quite the homecoming!

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery!

What do you think of Rihanna's racy costume? Let us know in the comments!



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  • lilly

    wow rihanna u look hot but wat the hell are u doin with ur

  • ssiftikhar


  • Edson Francisco Bonfim
    Edson Francisco Bonfim

    muito lindas sexy garotas.

  • Edson Francisco Bonfim
    Edson Francisco Bonfim

    show muito boa foto

  • Punkarela

    yeah..having crazy fun...dats wat u meant ryt?

  • jose

    You are a bloody fool

  • Miracle Smith
    Miracle Smith

    Doing what she does best

  • laughingatyou

    lol, "ow, my eye!"

  • nonnonnon

    that bastard rihanna need to have her ass whipped shes going to hell.

  • Ryan Montana
    Ryan Montana

    She has such an ugly face. Looks like a dog--can't think of the breed.

  • sj

    she has great legs

  • lashenda

    rihanna was getting it wasnt she lol

  • sj

    lol wow...how did they get that angle?

  • leera

    @tina you are so right. why didn't ppl say that beyonce proclaims to be a christian and then you see her costumes and ur like what? riri came back to her caribbean home and participated in something that is a part of her culture i am syre her ppl were very proud of her.

  • courtneybaaaby

    looks like shes gained abit of weight.

  • Tina

    Noah your are an ass. There are carnivals all over the Caribbean that is how EVERYONE who participates dresses up in costumes.. you idiot.

  • Tina

    Hey arlene black people in america are ignorant....real ignorant..Abayeneme Queen--stupid chicken head... but they suck up beypornce's arse.. because she is a black girl from Houston LOL

  • Tina

    She has on no more and no less than any of the native Carnival participants..so whats with the comments from Celebuzz?? She is in her COUNTRY celebrating in keeping with the culture..I wish she would concentrate on Europe and stay away from nasty assed american white AND black trash.

  • Ayana

    I Think She Said "Bad Body" In A Good Way Like How People (i.e Nicki Minaj) Say Bad Bitches , Meaning Good Looking , Pretty ,

  • Arlene V Clarke
    Arlene V Clarke

    Your comment shows you do not understand...get beyond your county line. She went home and participated in their carnival parade. She was a member of a group that wore that costume and other variations. I commend her for doing that and trust me, all Bajans enjoyed her participation. It showed that no matter how big a star she is, she does not feel that she is too big to return HOME and jump up with them. She went reight back to her cultural roots and trust me, she will be a in a great frame of mind when she returns to the US. So become knowledgable about issues outside of your town before you try to pass judgement.

  • Abayeneme Queen
    Abayeneme Queen

    dats shocking outfit and behaviour..she an international pop star..she shuddnt go nude on d street for no good reason...i think dat is classless and shocking..she is pretty in them though but not suited for her image

  • Gisel

    Admit it she doesnt look toned in that picture! When you went to the concert she might of looked like that but not in this pictureee ..

  • kewlgirl

    i noticed rihanna likes RED hmmmm the colour of her costume/ her hair was red etc................

  • Moses Safari
    Moses Safari

    Wonderful photors but needs to be improved more and more. pictures which give a good feelings and image

  • Lisa

    How does she have a bad body? I've seen her live in concert, about two metres away from me and she has one of the most toned bodies I have ever seen... I wonder what some of y'all look like. Ridiculous.

  • Kurv.s

    You would think she was the only one in the Carnival wearing this costume. It's a tradition. All the other members of the band are wearing the same thing. Off of Rihanna please. She belong to we and was glad anuff to see she.

  • Sheila Boyce
    Sheila Boyce

    riri knew you guys were there so she gave wanna a show bajan style. costumes/ bikini/ swimsuits. wanna see a difference? cause i dont.

  • petra05

    This is why we live so long in the Caribbean, we know how to have fun, it's called " we culture" and that is what RiRi is doing, having some native fun & relaxing. After that she goes back to work like the lady she is, until next year, same time, same place. I am sure all you negative commentors would love to enjoy one day in the sun and some fun. Eat your hearts out. Go Rihanna go.

  • petra05

    Who the hell cares what Chris Brown would have liked, the woman makes her own money, she can do what the hell she likes, get a life

  • petra05

    You jack.... find out before you comment, look up where the island is and what enjoyment we have before you make stupid comments. Its a pity you dont have any fun in your life...loser...

  • hailie

    TATTOO ?

  • Bajan

    What you so called journalist should do is properly report things... Why not show a shot of the over 10,000 people similarly dressed and stop making it seem as if Rhianna is alone dressed that way... Its a costume assholes...

  • Aline (Brazil-Maceió-Alagoas)
    Aline (Brazil-Maceió-Alagoas)

    bad body Ri-Ri :/

  • Noah

    I don't think Chris Brown would have approved of this behavior.

  • sophie1986

    I like to think they always dress like this. Much more fun. I don’t even know where the fuck Barbados is to be honest with you.

  • Antoinette Newsam-Taylor
    Antoinette Newsam-Taylor

    this was so gooooddd!! love it

  • Cayman

    She's from the Caribbean and she's playing mass...what do you expect? Of course she's wearing a costume that leaves little to the imagination. That's hoe we do and that's what Carnival is about LMBO

  • Pynk Belles
    Pynk Belles

    Luv it, She Looks Great.....Its our Kadooment day. Showing true National Pride....We are Bajans!!!

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    is her hair brown?? bcz i love her red head

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    wow i couldn't recognize her