Rihanna Gets Racy in Red for Kadooment Day in Barbados (PHOTOS)

Rihanna Shows Leg
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It looks like Rihanna is getting ready to perform a show on the Las Vegas strip!

The 23-year-old singer returned to her home in Barbados to celebrate Kadooment Day, and channeled her inner showgirl for the wild event, showing off as much skin as possible.

So, what’s Kadooment Day all about?

Kadooment Day is the culmination of a nearly month long festival that includes musical competitions and other traditional Barbados activities. They also crown a king and queen of the crop to the individuals who grow the most sugar cane during the month.

RiRi tweeted about returning home, and said:

“My home, my country, my people….BARBADOS!!! #1LOVE #SWEETfahDAYS NOTHIN’ BETTER! #RihannaNavy Miss u guys tho”

This seems like quite the homecoming!

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