The Meet & Greet: Cassie Scerbo, ‘I Wanted To Be an Actress Even in My Mom’s Womb!’

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There was never an “ah ha” moment for Cassie Scerbo, because she’s always known acting was her passion — even before she was born! The Make It or Break It star confesses she was quite the ham as a child and was always dancing and singing as she performed for her family.

“I always wanted to perform, I always wanted to make people smile and I always wanted to be able to make a difference in people’s lives,” she tells Celebuzz. “I enjoyed helping people and performing for people. It was something I truly, from the bottom of my heart, always had a desire to do — perform, entertain, and make people happy.”

After constantly begging to become an actress, Cassie attended an acting school where she earned her first Academy Award — well, at least the equivalent to an Academy Award in an eight-year-old’s life!

“I remember I won Best Actress. They had Best Actress at the end of the year and I won it like the third year I was there; I tried so hard every year to win. I would not leave the school until I won it, I was so excited,” says Cassie. 

Once she became an “award-winning actress,” she got an agent and began traveling back and forth to L.A. from New York for casting calls. Believe it or not, it wasn’t always Miley Cyrus who was set to play the double life pop star Hannah Montana. Cassie was a front runner for the part during the pre-production stages.

“I had the original screen test contract for Hannah Montana,” she reveals. “It was between me and a totally different girl, then they brought in different producers and writers. The night before I flew out, they wound up saying that they wanted to try something different and wanted younger and went for a little bit of a different look.”

So she didn’t end up getting the part, but that didn’t stop Cassie. The talented actress has landed several roles in the industry. Celebuzz caught up with her to learn about her newest movie, talk about her celebrity crushes and dish on her guilty pleasure! 

You have a new movie coming out this weekend called Teen Spirit, what’s it all about?
It’s an ABC Family original airing this Sunday. Its basically about this popular, pretentious, snobby girl. Her name is Amber and I play her. She winds up having her life cut short and getting electrocuted right before she goes to grab her crown. In her afterlife [she discovers] that if she wants to get to heaven, she has to turn the least popular girl in school into prom queen in seven days. In doing so, she starts to realize how snobby she was in her human life and starts to make a few changes. It’s a really cool dynamic and it’s going to be really funny. It has cute little morals, it’s something for everybody and it’s honestly really funny. 

What intrigued you about Amber’s character in Teen Spirit?
I always play the mean girl and it’s so fun. Acting is all about stepping out of the box. I don’t want to go to work everyday and play myself, just a boring nice girl. It was so cool that there was a twist and she was dead on top of it. You don’t realize how much physical contact you have with people. I couldn’t touch anybody because I was a ghost … it was actually a bit of a challenge for me.

What were some of the other challenges you had while filming?
When it came to the green screen stuff, there are a lot of specifics and certain marks you have to hit exactly. If you are off your mark by a millimeter you have to do it again. It was a little bit of a challenge, but it was a lot of fun.

Who are some of your idols in the industry, anyone particularly you would love to work with?
Obviously everyone has to say Meryl Streep. She’s brilliant, she’s genius, and I love her to death. I also love Ashley Judd. I think she’s beautiful and a wonderful actress. I’m a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio. He has the actor swag and he is so talented, mysterious, unique and artsy. I would freaking kill to work with him! There are so many I am obviously found of, I love Ben Affleck too. I saw The Town literally seven times in two days.

Would you say he is your celebrity crush?
I have a few. Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCapro, definitely. Alex Skarsgard, I love to death from True Blood. Michael Pitt, I would die to work with too. I cannot wait for “Boardwalk Empire” to come back – that would be the guys I would say for now.

In Bring It On: In It to Win It you play a cheerleader, and in your series Make It or Break It you’re a gymnast. Are you athletic off screen as well? 
I work out six to seven times a week. Sometimes I have a personal trainer … sometimes I go to a gym. I like to take hikes, I like to do runs, ride my bike, I surf now. If I don’t get my work outs in, I don’t like the way I feel, especially in a leotard. I can’t play the popular, mean girl and not be looking right, so I have to always try to keep myself in shape.

With all that working out you have to splurge at some point. What is your guilty pleasure? 
Pizza! I could literally order a pie and eat the whole thing…I’m obsessed…Papa Johns all day. The garlic sauce, I can’t even handle it. When I’m not in my leotard on set and we aren’t shooting, I definitely order a pie to myself and eat the whole thing!

In honor of Cassie, order a pizza this Sunday August, 7th and cozy up on the couch to see her star in her new movie Teen Spirit at 7 PM on ABC Family!