‘Twilight’s Tinsel Korey Dishes on the Testosterone-Charged Wolf Pack!

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Tinsel Korey has a job most women would die for: She spent hours every day working alongside the shirtless hunks of the Twilight wolf pack, keeping Taylor Lautner and the boys in check. Tinsel, who plays the role of Emily Young in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Eclipse and the upcoming Breaking Dawn films, portrays the strong and beautiful yet scarred fiancée of Sam Uley (Chaske Spencer) and motherly caretaker of the unruly wolf pack.

The multi-talented actress took time to chat with Celebuzz about how Twilight changed her life, how she dealt with “a lot of testosterone on set” and what we can expect from her in the years to come. With a new song, “Letter,” and several films in the works, Tinsel’s got a lot more in store!

Since filming has wrapped for the Breaking Dawn films, how does it feel to see the end of the Twilight Saga? What will you miss the most?

I will definitely miss the closeness between me and the boys, and obviously Julia [Jones]. We are very much a family and I always think of filming sort of like summer school – you develop all these great friendships and connections and you hope that you’ll be able to keep in touch and hang out. But, you know, life normally moves in different directions. I hope that we’ll stay really close. It’s kind of  a bittersweet ending.

What was it like auditioning for the role of Emily?

I mean it was like a regular audition. I actually thought I’d messed it up, so I was mortified, like “Oh my god, I suck as an actor” (laughs), and then the next day I was short-listed. You can never really grasp how you do in an audition, at all.

What has it been like being a part of such a wildly successful franchise?

It’s awesome! It’s done great things for me, and I’ve developed such great relationships with the cast members. And also, just meeting the fans – to me that was one of the most beautiful things about this journey, getting to interact with the fans. I’ve met some really, really, great amazing people through this process.

Twi-hards are famous for being incredibly dedicated fans. Do you have any stories about your encounters with them?

I don’t have any crazy stories, like the boys do. With the boys, people have grabbed them and stuff like that, but I’m a female so they don’t get like that with me, they’re really respectful. So I don’t have any personal crazy fan encounters with any of the Twi-hards.

What is it like working with the predominantly male wolf pack? Did you have to keep the boys in check at all?

I normally have to keep the boys in check, I am very much Emily in real life when we are on set and stuff. There is just a lot of testosterone – you have that many guys, and they have to work out and stuff like that so they already have that charging in them. So,  there definitely is a lot of testosterone on set!

Do you have any funny stories from filming with them?

We definitely play pranks on each other! There was this one time that Kiowa [Gordon] ordered hot chocolate and he left it unattended with Bronson [Pelletier] and I. He came back and he was about to drink it and we were like, “Are you sure you want to drink that?” So he said, “Why?! What’d you guy do to it?” And we’re like, “Oh, no, no,  nothing.” And he goes to drink it again and we were like, “Are you sure?” And he is like, “What the heck! What’d you guys do?” And we’re like, “No, go ahead, drink it.” So he drinks it and we said “Do you feel anything?” (laughs) and he started freaking out. So to this day he still doesn’t know if we did anything to his hot chocolate, but it was pretty fun!

Before the Twilight series, you acted in a lot of independent films. What was it like transitioning from smaller films to such a huge production like Twilight?

The main difference that I find is that the publicity is a lot more than you get with an independent movie. Independent movies just don’t have the publicity team that you get on something with a big budget like that. The quality of people is just the same, I think that with independent movies people would assume the quality would be less, but it’s the same amount as talent working with both! For me, the biggest difference was how much publicity was going into a movie like that.

Moving in a different direction – you recently released a single, “Letter,” which was produced by a Stevie Salas, who is a big name in the music industry. Can you tell us a little about the song?

The song is a reflection on when a relationship just isn’t working anymore and you’ve tried everything to make it happen, but it’s just not. I tried to write it with this upbeat feeling of empowerment – she loves him but she just can’t go any further with it, so she’s moving in a positive light with her life! I’ve done music side-by-side with acting forever, but I’ve just never focused my full attention on it because every time I’ve tried to do something with music I book a job, which is great, but I never got a chance to do it.

I finally was like, I just need the time to get some music done. It’s just an amazing feeling – going from writing the song to putting the music to it, to watching your baby come to life! It’s a completely different process than I think acting is for me.

Is a full album in the works?

I’d like to! I think that once I’m finished with my movie coming up in September that I’d definitely want to full force get an album done.

Watch Tinsel performing “Letter” below:


Can you tell us a little more about your movie that’s coming out in September?

It’s a comedy, I’ve been looking to do more comedic stuff. It’s called Fishing Naked, and I know the title sounds a little risqué but it’s more like your connection to the earth. Bronson Pelletier is in it, and also Elyse Levesque from Stargate Universe. And it is sort of like American Pie with a little bit of a supernatural twist. Its hilarious – I was reading it last night again and I was cracking up! It is a really funny movie.

You have been adamant before about the importance of portraying women in a positive light. How do you think the characters you’ve played, including Emily, have helped to further strong female characters on film?

Obviously I hope that is coming across! Especially being a female in the acting industry, there is a lot of pressure to do nudity or be a little risqué but I have really stood against that. I have a younger sister and I think that women are bombarded with this over-sexuality. I think there should be more roles out there where women are empowered and appreciated for their mind rather than just being a piece of meat. I always look for roles like that, that encourage that positive female image.

So are you trying to focus primarily on your music right now, or is acting still your priority?

I am doing both, it is always a juggling act! With music you just have to be inspired to do that. Its actually cloudy outside right now, which reminds me of Vancouver, so I was just listening to music now and getting inspired. It is an art, so it kind of just happens when it happens, you can’t force it. So I am doing it side by side.

Who would you say are your greatest influences, for both your acting and your music?

For music, it’s this band called Portishead, and also Sade and Shania Twain are my musical influences. For acting, it is Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Kingsley. I just love the way they can go from a comedy to a drama to an action film – they are so versatile!

So aside from Ben Kingsley and Gwyneth Paltrow – Are there any musicians or actors you are dying to collaborate with?

Those are my tops ones! I got to work with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a film called The Lookout, and he is just a brilliant actor so I would love to get to work with him again.

Do you have any other projects on the horizon you’d like to tell us about?

I have a movie, Stained, which is releasing on DVD August 30, so I am excited about that! It’s pretty dark. It is sort of a horror-thriller type of movie. I play a schizophrenic serial killer (laughs). I am normally such a bubbly person, so that was really testing my limits as an actor and it was a really intense process. It is definitely a different light that people will see me in!

Do you have any last words for you fans?

Yeah! I actually put up a blog, it is tinselkorey.tumblr.com, and I have started putting up these acting blogs. It goes from Acting 101 to 401 – for any aspiring actors out there, it basically teaches you how to do head shots, how to get an agent, all that good stuff and it goes step by step. Things like your first audition, what that will feel like. So actually, a couple people have booked work off of it!

That’s awesome! It is so hard to start out in the movie industry, so that should be a big help for a lot of people.

Yeah, even when I was starting out, I just didn’t know where to go. You kind of have this image of what acting is, and most people just think they can go to L.A. and get discovered on the street, but that can only happen for like 0.1% of people. There is such a structure to it, and most people are just like, “How do I start?”

So I thought I’d put this out there, because I was always taught that when you are given a gift you should always share it, so I try to do that for younger actors.