Twin Singing Sensations Megan & Liz Debut 'Here I Go' (VIDEO)

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In the latest addition to their first series of professionally produced videos, YouTube sensations Megan & Liz are debuting their new single "Here I Go" on Celebuzz

Straying a bit from their previous vids, "Here I Go" is set entirely in a vintage studio. The more intimate setting gives a behind-the-scenes feeling to the piece. The girls scrawl lyrics on yellow notepaper and work with a hat-wearing hottie who helps put the track together as they sing vocals.

Here's what the girls had to say about the song:

"We wrote 'Here I Go' with the amazingly talented Paula Winger – one of the coolest ladies we know! We shot the video in a groovy vintage studio – it felt like we literally stepped into the 1970′s!!! Casey, our videographer, made a cameo as the studio engineer. Overall, we hope that 'Here I Go' shows a very personal side to us both in the meaning and story of the song, and in the video that shows how we wrote and recorded the song."

"Here I Go" is available on iTunes now. 

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  • Judy Lan
    Judy Lan

    "you're being unrealistic." LOL :)

  • Eh Eh Poe
    Eh Eh Poe

    so pretty....kool song and nice voice

  • Hannah Ross
    Hannah Ross

    amazing as always

  • Sabrina Hudspeth
    Sabrina Hudspeth

    Both of you are Amazing. Love it:D

  • Melanie Krištofelc
    Melanie Krištofelc

    AMAZING as always ;)

  • Reagan

    Please tell me how to edit video like this cause I dont know how and I wanted to upload a video of me singing! luv the song!

  • Brittany

    LOVE it! :) Great job girls! :]